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"Experience the power of curves and cuisine with Las Nachas Nachos - delicious vegetarian inspired nachos with international flavors that celebrates and honors feminine-identifying people! Giving booty-licious a new twist!"


Las Nachas Nachos is on a mission to empower, celebrate, and honor feminine identifying people and their curves through delicious cuisine inspired by international flavors. Our food stand is owned and operated by our mother company: Ador Cuisine, a client customizable personal chef service.

Each food item represents a female celebrity and their booty. Our menu is a celebration of cultural diversity, and we strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all. For savoy options we offer La Gaga for Italian, La J. Lo for Puerto Rican, La Jenni Rivera for Mexican, for sweet options we offer La Selena for Mexican, and La Julia Montes for Philippines.


We want to inspire and uplift feminine identifying people to be their beautiful selves. Our delicious, flavorful nachos will tantalize your taste buds, and our commitment to feminism will feed your soul. Come join us at Las Nachas Nachos, and let's celebrate together!

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